Friday, April 9, 2010

Where You Go, I'll Follow....

Why? is a question we get all day long from our Miss M (3.5). We get questions from the bizarre to the ridiculous and some are also quite serious but every question is important in her mind.

Why does it rain?
Why are they called Grandparents?
Why is it hot?
Why is it 8 o'clock?
Why do you have bones inside?
Why does the sun go down?

Why? Why? Why?

Even if it drives me a little crazy at times I've got to see this as great stuff because it feeds me with ideas for her creative activities, her play and of course learning. Much of Miss M's play and creativity is directed by her but from the many questions I get, I know that I can follow her lead by helping her find books at the library on the same topics or plan an art or play activity to extend her interest. Here's a snippet of what topics we've been learning about through play and reading...

bones/ skeletons, parts of the body
writing letters and words
a strange disliking to pandas (he he!!)

And here are some recent finds from the local library. These books have helped answer many a question and have grown Miss M's interests from something small to a real learning experience.

What are your children talking or asking about? What interests can you follow?


Aspiring Mum said...

We are talking about giant octopuses (I kid you not!), space and dinosaurs. Thank goodness for Google!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

The mind boggles!!

Anonymous said...

What a cool blog! I was just reading through your post after finding you on Cath's connect2mums christian blogging mums group. It sounds like you guys have a heaps of fun :o)

Are you on twitter? If you are, let me know and I'll click to follow you.

If you feel like checking out my blog, it's at and as you can probably guess from the title it's all about the amazing and wonderful things God wants us to do to help and look after thos around us - both near and far because everyone matters.


Footprints Australia said...

With 13 y.o. daughter it's how much makeup is appropriate ;-).

With Mr almost 16 it's getting ready for the Learner's Permit exam!

Brooke said...

My 21 month old is obsessed with junk mail. He loves the logos he finds in there and points to any and everything for me to tell him what it's called. "mamoose" (aka mushrooms) is one of my faves.

On the latest catalogue is Curtis Stone holding a $10 note so now we are learning about money. It might be a bit early but seeing as I always pay for everything on EFTPOS it's nice for him to learn you can't just swipe and go with everything!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

@ every1matters - I'm glad you popped over to my site. Welcome!
I'm not on twitter and probably won't go down that road. We'll see.

I've had a quick squiz at your site too. I'll look forward to reading your posts.

@ Footprints Australia - those days scare me I must say. Make up and Learner's Permits. Eeeeek!

@ Brooke - Catalogues can be used for so many great things. I was just thinking about using a supermarket one to teach about healthy food. They have good clear pictures.

Welcome to all the new BBM readers.

CatWay said...

You make me laugh. My son is exactly the same. I find the ridiculous one's the most difficult - like Why is this cup green? - although they may signify the deepest thinking. Oh, and when you get the same question three different ways, that's fun too!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Now you're making me laugh! I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes there just isn't an answer for what they are asking.


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