Friday, May 28, 2010

A Dance Amongst the Roses

We've had sniffles and snuffles all week here so it's been lots of home time for us to allow sick little bodies to get better. Today we went to the park for some outdoor fun as some events of yesterday made us realise that the girls had been cooped up for too long.

Still keeping things quiet we went to the park and danced amongst the roses. Here are my beautiful little ballerinas in the gorgeous dancing skirts their Aunty Mel made them for Christmas. We've wanted photos of the girls in the skirts so why not in the beauty of the rose gardens.

You can find these rose gardens at New Farm Park which is at the river end of Brunswick St, New Farm. We drove there today but you could also arrive by City Cat which stops right at the park. Check out the site for City Cat fare prices and terminal details. New Farm Park is spacious so there's plenty of room to picnic....and dance if you want to! You can also get a coffee and snack from the snack shack.

I'm sure you'll all want details for how to make the delightful skirts too. Sorry, I can't give them away. You'll have to get yourselves a wonderful Aunty Mel like ours! He he!

The beautiful hair clip was made by my gorgeous friend Cass . Don't you just love it!


Julie said...

What a gorgeous looking park, gorgeous skirts and gorgeous girls! Glad you could get out and have fun.

Kelly said...

gorgeous pretties.

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What a perfect place to take dancing fairy photos. Hope you are all on the mend :)


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