Monday, May 31, 2010

Harmony Gardens - Making Music at the Park

We ended our dance amongst the roses outing on Friday with a trip to Harmony Gardens in Dutton Park (since the playground at New Farm Park was closed for renovations). This park has a lovely little playground which local kids helped to design. There are mosaic butterflies on the path and butterflies on the fence, tall clay art and decorative seats to sit on. The girls liked crawling in a tunnel of what seemed to be big black bug eyes but all the usual playground fun was there to enjoy as well. Our current favourites are the swings.
An interesting feature of the park is the music making area. It does need a little fixing but you can easily find a stick nearby to make some beautiful music on the chimes. Lovely!

You'll find Harmony Gardens on the left off Annerly Rd as you travel into South Brisbane. It is next door to where the green bridge is which leads from Dutton Park to the University of Queensland. This is also a wonderful feature of the park and one we plan to go back and enjoy. It does however provide one negative to the park because we were the only ones enjoying the park yet the car park was full. Thankfully there was one car park for us! We had a happy time playing in the Harmony Gardens. It was a lovely ending to our morning out.


Marthese said...

I always enjoyed my trips to the park with my kids.. what a great concept idea about the music section.

Frizzle said...

We love Colin Buchnan. The blast off cd is the best. I want to listen to it more than they do. Great teaching as well as fun singing. Karla


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