Friday, May 14, 2010

Stepping Out From Behind the Camera

It is an incredible blessing to be able to blog. For me it brings together my past and the present as I enjoy life as a mummy. I love to encourage other parents by sharing the ideas I have learnt while working with kids and the new ideas I am trialling now in my role as "director of fun" with my own kids. Much of what you see on my blog is my kids just being kids, playing, doing art activities or going on outings however most of the time you don't get to see pictures of me and that's because I'm usually the one holding the camera. When you do get to see me I am careful to make sure that I am looking half decent with hair groomed (or hat covering bad hair!), some make-up on and I'm dressed in a snazzy mummy outfit (Maybe not that snazzy but you get the idea).

Today I am squeezing in to the final hours of the Bloggers Without Make-up Day started by Jodie Ansted at . You'll have to check out her blog post to understand why so many in the blogging world are doing this no make-up gig - it's a challenging read.

This is probably the best time for me to post a pic as I've been through the day with my two girlies so the make-up is gone, my hair has not seen a brush since very early this morning, the hat is not around anymore to cover the hairstyle and if I checked, my clothes are probably in desperate need of a wash after little Miss H has given me messy handed cuddles all day long. Oh and I'm wearing my warm goofy looking slippers because it's a bit cold here (Sorry you can't see them too).

If the truth be told I'm the kind of mummy who can still be found wearing my maternity dresses and jeans around the house....and out. (They're comfy alright! Miss H is 18mths old and I'm definitely not pregnant!) If we're having a home day my hair is often just thrown back in a messy pony tail and during colder months I'll wear whatever I have to to keep warm. The joys of being a SAHM I guess!! Actually sometimes I add a pair of koala ears or a tiara to my outfit depending on what the girls and I are playing. Can you tell that I love my job?!

This isn't the best post picture I've put up on the blog but you know over recent years I have been taken on a journey of learning to love who I am so right now while posting this pic I can feel ok about you seeing it. I have a God who created me and loves me and it makes it a whole lot easier to love those around me when I can love who I am first of all.

Some very special people once told me..."You are the apple of His (God's) eye. Each apple is unique and different. God made them that way." I've never forgotten those words and they have spoken to my heart ever since.

So here it is.......a picture of ME....being apple(ish) just for you, black tired circles and all!

To see some other bloggers I happen to think are beautiful see...


Aspiring Mum said...

You are just gorgeous Amanda. I love that quote about the apple of God's eye. (And I've always admired your style!)

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Likewise Debbie. I couldn't leave a comment on your blog today : ( but then I got to see the real you out and about at the shops!

When I leave fb to make a comment in the land of blog I am apparently not who I say I am. Very weird! I'll go back and make a comment.

kraftykathryn said...

You are beautiful Amanda, with a beautiful nature to go with it. Since having 3 boys under 4, I only do makeup when I need to, usually just for Church :) My husband is wonderful and always says 'you don't need makeup, your beautiful just as you are' which is nice to hear after nearly 7 years of marriage and 3 kids! And, after all, God looks on the inside doesn't he!

Kelly said...

Wonderful post. And you are so beautiful. Inside and out!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Awwww thanks Kelly.

@ Kathryn - sounds like you have a great fella there (+ three).

Ali said...

great post and lovely pic x

Cerry said...

You look fantastic. And the mental image I have of you with koala ears on is even better.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

@ Cerry - that can be my next picture!!!

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

You're right, Amanda. The linky didn't work, but I got your link from the comments.

You are gorgeous! Thanks so much for taking part.



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