Thursday, May 20, 2010

Playing Along - A Girl and Her Scooter

The girls and I are playing along with everyone else over at Childhood101 this week.

I'm gonna ride on my scooter
Toot on my tooter - race on my racer
And then I'm gonna do it again

Justine Clarke - 'Great Big World' CD

If there is one thing this girl loves to do, it's ride her scooter. She would ride it anywhere, anytime but the best play fun comes when we take to the bike track down the end of our street, where Miss M can freely let loose and scoot on her scooter. Lots of play fun!

Don't you think the smile on her face says it all?

Come play at the Childhood101 We Play link up

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Kelly said...

My girls love their scooter too! I meant to tell you, a while back (maybe a year), I read your post about Home Store Cafe. Something about it struck a chord with me and I ended up organising my husband and I's 30th Birthday there! We had SUCH a wonderful time so thank you xx

If you want to see some pics, let me know.

Philippa said...

The smile does say it all :)my kids love their scooters too.

Lara said...

What fun! Got to love Brisbane weather this time of year. We're spending half of the day outdoors these days.

CatWay said...

Love the smile! Scooters are very popular in my house too.

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

How old was your daughter when you got her a scooter. Immy is fascinated by them, she will stand on those belonging to our friend's children - not knowing how to actually move it LOL, but I think she is still a little small.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

@ Kelly - I'm so glad you loved the Home Store Cafe. It's such a good find isn't it with something for the parents and the kids.

@ Christie - We purchased Miss M's scooter for her 3rd birthday. She had seen plenty of them at parks and had asked for one of her own for about the year beforehand. You might notice that it's quite low to the ground. That was important to us for safety. This one also tilts as she rides it so it's easy for her to move. I can let you know the name of it if you like. We purchased it from Early Learning Centre.

I put Miss H (18mths) on it too and she has worked out how to use her feet to push but obviously I have to help to really make it go.

Melissa said...

What a beautiful smile. My kids love their scooter & bikes - I must take them down to the bike track before the weather gets too wet - thanks for the reminder :)


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