Thursday, May 6, 2010

Train Spotting at Hives Park

Miss H enjoying time on the fort

This is the park you must go to if you have little boys. It's not that my girls don't like watching trains, they just don't love it that much. Our Mums on the GO group went for a play there yesterday and you could hardly peel the boys off the train line fence. They were absolutely taken with watching each and EVERY train go by and talking about them in detail - very cute!

If do happen to prize your children away from the fence you'll also find there are actually a few other things for them to enjoy like the boat and water skis which are great for balancing skills, a fort with a slippery slide as well as some bouncing seats and swings. There's also a track going through the park which is good for trikes, bikes and scooters.

Hives Park has heaps of trees but probably not as much shade as any parent would like over the playground. Early morning or late afternoon plays are best. You can find Hives Park by going a few different ways as paths connect from Primrose St, Thallon St or Quarry Rd in Sherwood. The playground is smallish but the park itself is big so there's plenty of room to run around and lots of trees to hide behind. This park doesn't have all the comforts like toilets, taps or bbqs, it's just a simple park where the trains go past and that makes it a great park in my books.....and I'm sure most Brissy boys would agree!

Some follow up activity ideas.....

  • play with a train set at home
  • watch 'Thomas the Tank Engine' dvd
  • go for a ride in a train - electric or steam

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