Monday, June 21, 2010

Apple Printing

Here's an activity that might take you back to your own kindy or pre-school days. It is very much a nostalgic art activity for me as I loved my two years at pre-school and I loved doing apple printing when I was there. I was happy to find out last week that my girls also enjoy doing apple printing.

We get our apples delivered in a farmers fresh box each week and lately they haven't been so tasty but they are perfect for apple printing.

Apple Printing

You will need....

  • Red or green apples cut in half - cut straight down the core to get the lovely apple shape. Cut halfway down the apple, in the other direction (would be horizontal) and you discover a wonderful star in the middle. (God's designs are wonderful!)

  • Paint - use acrylic or an acrylic/Cel Mix mix

  • Paint tray - a flat lid off something like a takeaway container works well for this

  • Flat kitchen sponges

  • Paper - we used white easel paper for ours but you could be creative and use coloured paper, black paper with white paint or brown paper.

Squirt some paint on to the sponges and fold them over to evenly distribute the paint. Open back out and lay the paint filled sponges on to the trays.

Take a cut piece of apple, press it on to the sponge until the white inside is covered in paint.

Print on to the paper and see the beautiful apple shapes appear.

Why not.....

  • make wrapping paper to wrap gifts or roll up, tie with ribbon and give away to someone
  • make gift cards
  • make an apple painting on canvas

Delicious! Well Miss H thought so. He he!! I left the art table for a minute only to come back and find Miss H munching on a painted apple. Not so delicious!

* * * * *

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Kathryn ROdda said...

How could I forget about fruit and vegie printing? Thanks for the reminder! One question, do you know where to buy cel mix? I've wanted some, but can't find anywhere to buy it. Thanks! :)

Busy Brissy Mum said...

The place I get it from is called Speedy Art Supplies. It's in Kelliher Rd, Richlands. They will deliver or you can pick it up. It's worth the trip there to see what else they have and the staff are so incredibly helpful.

Apple printing on to fabric would look lovely too Kathryn. Maybe tea towels or aprons? Would require some fabric paint : )


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