Thursday, June 24, 2010

Concert Fun at Home

Sometimes I see my own childhood very clearly in the play of my two little girls. My sister and I spent a lot of our play time creating concerts in the lounge room and almost every night before bedtime our girls treat their daddy and I to a very cute concert.

More recently we've had lots of stay and play kinda days at home because of sickness so on this particular day we filled our morning with all kinds of fun. Just before lunch we came up with the idea together that it would be great to do a Playschool Concert. You see we had recently gone to see Playschool in concert and had enjoyed every minute of it.

Miss M immediately realised that she would need a microphone but not the kind of play ones we already had, she would need a "special one" that would attach to her ears and be worn over her face. We worked on a design and came up with a pipe cleaner microphone. It seemed to do the job, at least Miss M was happy with it!

Miss H, who wants to do everything her big sister does had to be involved too, and not just as an audience member. Another plan had to be put in place because there would be no one to watch the show! Miss M lined up all of the dolls and teddies on the couch and before long we had a wonderful audience and the show could begin.

Miss M's room is the perfect dressing room as it leads into the lounge. We have an old sheet that hangs over her doors as the curtain and the lounge room floor then becomes the stage.

We did plenty of fun songs (that the toys really enjoyed) at our Playschool Concert but the highlight was 5 Little Ducks which you will see pictured. I didn't have to be in the performance of this song so finally I could take some photos. It was a fun game and lovely for me to be involved in the performing rather than the watching.


Aspiring Mum said...

I love Miss H's face! What natural performers - taking after their mummy!

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous. A timeless activity. We used to love putting on concerts too!

CatWay said...

That hands free microphone is cool. This is a wonderful activity. My son likes to put on shows too, but he has not yet reached the professionalism of your daughter.

Lauren said...

With three girls in the family, we used to organise family concerts every holidays... Looks like you're on your own way to starting a great tradition with your kids!

ecoMILF said...

It looks and sounds like they had an absolutely ball! xo m.


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