Thursday, July 1, 2010

Contact Collage

It feels like we're in quarantine here at the moment. It's the school holidays and there is so much frugal fun for kids out and about but due to sickness we've had to enjoy the indoors. It has however made me appreciate the space we live in more and think creatively about how we use it. The hallway door makes a wonderful puppet show area when the couch is put against it. The hall itself is a great bowling alley and the sunny spot in the playroom is just lovely for art activities so we've been doing lots of creating.

Have you tried collage on contact? It can be done lots of different ways but this is the way we did it this time around.

Contact Collage

You will need...

  • Clear contact
  • Various collage items - eg. cotton wool, confetti, patty pans, coloured paper, tissue paper etc
  • Masking tape

The first step is to stick the contact to the table top. We did ours in one long piece but it can be cut into smaller squares or any shape at all. I wanted my girls to work on this art project together so the bigger the contact space the better. All you do to stick the contact down is place the contact sticky side up and begin to peel away a small part of the back. Fold the end's edge back on itself and stick it to the table. To make sure it is secure run some masking tape along where the contact meets the table. Continue to peel back the backing to reveal the sticky side. Do the same as before when you get to the length of contact you want, of course cutting it first. Your contact should now be ready for the fun part.

Put the collage items out and let the kids go wild creating a masterpiece on the sticky side of the contact.

You can display your contact collage on a window or wall or simply fold it up and put it in the bin. (when the kids are not looking) Ours has made it on to our front windows for the time being.

Sticking without glue makes this activity a breeze to clean up! You'll have it tidied up in no time with the help of your little artists. Well I'm off to plan some more fun. Hopefully we can get out and about tomorrow.


Linda said...

It must have been a collage sort of day today. We did collage by collecting flowers and leaves first and then used glitter glue. Very pretty artwork!
I love the 'contact' idea as I was chicken and the collage experience happened outside. Also forgot that 2 yr olds don't stick much on, when the glue is coloured. Aah...memories, it's all coming back to me now. Amazingly the glue didn't get consumed, must have been full from the playdough earlier.He,he!

Lauren said...

Thanks for the idea!

Another good indoor play idea is playdough with spaghetti -- that leads to all sorts of fun shapes!

Hope you're all feeling better soon.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Lauren, you'll have to share what you mean? I'm intrigued. We make shapes from cooked spaghetti onto paper but do you mean to mix it up with playdough?

Linda, you sounds like you're having too much fun and I LIKE it!!!


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