Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finding the Holiday Fun

Holiday activities at the Ipswich Art Gallery last year

My school holidays as a child were spent on outings with my Mum and siblings while Dad was off at work. My Mum didn't drive so we went everywhere by bus, which I guess made most outings more of an adventure. My Mum spent time before the holidays doing her homework, looking through the newspaper, local and Brisbane wide and through flyers to see what was on around town which would be fun and cheap to do with kids. She kept a scrapbook which contained ads, articles and flyers and then copied the details into her diary.

The holidays were filled with outings to libraries for great craft times, seeing short kids films and borrowing books. We went to free exciting shows at the local shopping centres and saw exhibits at special places. She hardly spent a cent yet there was always fun to be had. These are some of my best childhood memories!

I have to say that I follow in Mum's footsteps when it comes to filling up the holidays for my kids but since her days with littlies, things have changed a lot. I have the opportunity to look in newspapers and flyers too but I mostly go online to see what's on for kids. Here are a number of places I look to find holiday fun in Brisbane for my girls.

You could also check out the local newspapers and publications such as Brisbane News . And, don't forget to see the fun at Flying Fox Studios.

Brisbane is a great place to live so there's really no excuse for kids being bored in the holidays, especially when most of the above places run events for free or at a low cost. Be sure to check them out if you live in Brisbane.

So far these Winter holidays we...

  • iced cupcakes at the Shingle Inn at Garden City Shopping Centre (YUM!) and visited the library to borrow some books. (It's always nice to go to a different library to our local one)
  • went to the New MacDonald's Farm show at Toombul Shopping Centre
  • went to the David Hamilton's Puppet show (always a favourite with my Miss M) and the 96.5 Romeo the Radio Dog Live Show at Aspley Hypermarket

We also plan to...

  • visit the Ipswich Art Gallery exhibition

These holidays are nearly over but now can be a good time to start thinking about preparation for the next holidays. Don't miss the holiday fun!

Do you live outside of Brisbane? What's happening for kids in your part of the world? I'd love to hear about it!


Sydney in Wichita, KS said...

I live in Kansas in the U.S. and happened to come upon your blog. We are in the middle of summer now and are going to swimming lessons, art lessons, and generally having fun out of school for three months. Your blog is very fun, thank you for sharing!


Busy Brissy Mum said...

Sounds like lots of fun Sydney. We had a cold day today which doesn't sound at all like your lovely warm days. Thank you for stopping by. It was lovely to have your comments.


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