Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Nativity

In amongst the madness that surrounds Christmas there is a story that quietens our hearts and makes us think about the true meaning of Christmas - God sending his Son to earth as a baby on that first Christmas.

As a family we try to focus much of our Christmas time celebrations and activities around Jesus birthday and for some time now I've wanted a nativity set to help us do this. A beautiful ornate one on top of a shelf would be lovely but I also wanted one that my girls could interact with. In my days as a carer in child care I would make a toilet roll nativity to bring this story to the kids and last year SquiggleMum posted about the toilet roll nativity her family had made. It inspired me to make one again. So, throughout last week we began creating our very own family nativity together. We had toilet rolls, cotton wool and paper everywhere! Since then, each night as bedtime stories begin, the girls have retold the Christmas story using the little figures. This has been a very special time.

You may like to make a toilet roll nativity with your family so I suggest you head over to SquiggleMum to see how they made their gorgeous one.

We've placed our nativity under the tree with the presents surrounding, so it's a great reminder to us that Jesus is definitely the best gift at Christmas. He brings us love, hope, an inner peace and joy!


SquiggleMum said...

Your nativity is just gorgeous. I too would love a beautiful, grownup nativity scene one day (LOVE the Willow Tree one) but I wonder if it would ever be as used or as remembered as our toilet roll scenes...

Busy Brissy Mum said...

The Willow Tree nativity is absolutely gorgeous. My parents own one but would you believe it's hiding in a box somewhere this year : (


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