Thursday, July 14, 2011

Funny Play Dough People

Meet our funny play dough people.

This activity is just plain fun. You can use anything you like really to create faces of all kinds. We found some coloured pasta, "pop cleaners" pipe cleaners and large google eyes in amongst our collage stocks and when we repeated the activity we also added some coloured feathers which worked perfectly too. I set up everything in little bowls and gave each of the girlies (+ our teenage house guest who thought it was a great activity too) a blob of play dough, then they got creating. We also took this activity to our Mums on the GO group and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it for the whole morning.

It's great to find a new, fun activity, especially a play dough one. We love our play dough play!


Eleanor Kay said...

hehe :D yes your teenae guest did think it was fun to :) i never get to do those things anymore, now that grandma has Austar :P

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Masterchef and apple crumbles last night Miss A. The fun just keeps happening over and over. Sorry you are missing it! You'll have to make some apple crumbles for mum for tonight's tv viewing.

Sam said...

We love our playdough too, thanks for the fun idea, think both my kids will like that one!

Brooke said...

Great idea, kind of like play doh Mr Potato Head. My son would LOVE this one!

Bernadine said...

I never thought to do this even though we are all lovers of playdough in our house. Good idea

Caitlin said...

This looks like super fun! This is a great activity for my boys this week!

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