Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Great Brisbane Park - Oriel Park

The morning with our special friends didn't end at Nourish. It finished with a play at Oriel Park in Ascot. What a fantastic park. Once again I was thankful for the wonderful city we live in. Brisbane has many great parks on offer.

We planned to go to a park but didn't know where a local one was, not being from the Ascot area. My school friend asked the Nourish ladies if they could suggest one and so we ended up at Oriel Park - it was a brilliant suggestion.

This park has many great features, great play equipment for all ages, good toilet facilities, big shady trees covering the play area and a fence enclosing the playground fun. What more could a mum of a toddler ask for. Miss M and her friend Miss K ran off to enjoy all the equipment. There are two large forts, a train with a slide, three different swing areas and other climbing equipment like the one pictured. Miss M was keen to stay for a longer play but our playground fun had to end. Not to worry though because I am sure that we will go back to Oriel Park for a play another day.

Oriel Park is situated on Alexandra Rd at Ascot. It has small shops nearby so it's great for a spur of the moment picnic or a shopping trip to the surrounding pretty shops. I also noticed bbq facilitlies. What a wonderful morning with friends. Thank you to our special friends for a fantastic outing together.

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