Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mexican Madness

I promised to post this a few weeks back but as it turned out we all were sick so we couldn't have our Friday night fun that week. We decided at the beanie night that we would make the next Friday night fun a Mexican themed night.....just so we could enjoy some Mexican food.

My sister and I made the most delicious nachos and tacos to enjoy at our fiesta - what a Mexican treat! We began the meal with a team race. I recently purchased a world map to teach the girls some geography and teach myself some too since I'm terrible at it. My sister and Miss L raced my husband and Miss M to find where Mexico is. Thankfully the countries were all different colours so it was easier to find when they knew they had to find a purple one. Hooray for Miss L who won!

To end our Mexican fun we had a pinata which I had made on Friday while the girls were asleep. You're probably thinking that it would take more time than this to make a pinata but this time I did a cheats version. I've made a few pinatas in my time and they can take forever to make, putting each layer on and letting it dry out. Here's how I made the pinata for our Mexican night....

Simple Pinata

You will need...

A cereal box
Masking tape
Wrapping paper - you can buy this at Crazy Clarks for 50c a sheet - what a bargain!
Glue stick
Small toys or wrapped lollies to go inside - I purchased some plastic jewellery for the girls
Paddle pop stick
Stanley knife
Something to hit it with

Put your prizes inside the box.
Seal the ends of the box up with masking tape but don't be too particular.
Cut up your wrapping paper into medium sized pieces.
Cover the box in the wrapping paper adding pieces 'till it's all covered.
Carefully cut a slit in the top of the box.
Tie some string around the paddle pop and fasten with some masking tape.
Put the paddle pop inside the box and give it a pull - it should sit up against the lid of the box.
Hang up your pinata to dry and then it should be ready for fun.

Don't forget that you need a stick to whack your pinata. We used a sturdy wooden spoon because we only had a little space to play with and the girls are young. (little hands and arms) It's important to make sure that everyone stands back and waits their turn so that they stay safe. Our pinata took quite some time to break open which was a huge laugh. You can use the same process for making a balloon pinata. They are great but you need to do a few more layers of paper and it takes days to make it before it's ready to go. Use news paper for the lower layers and add the lovely wrapping paper to the top.

All we needed to really make our Mexican night extra extra fun was some colourful ponchos and sombreros to do the Mexican hat dance. Oh the fun could be endless!

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