Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Caring With Cupcakes

This is the face of my little baker after we finished baking some chocolate fudge 'n' flake cupcakes last week. Don't worry Miss M is not allowed to lick the spatula until the cooking process is done! She loves to lick the "patula" and as she does she makes a pretend licking sound just as if she was pretending in a game in her own little kitchen. I have to giggle.

My husband and I are keen for our girls to grow up with a veiw of others in the world and the needs they have. We try and keep our eyes open for opportunities to let the girls be part of caring for others. Baking seems to be a way that we can easily help out while the girls are so little and Miss M really enjoys cooking and dropping off the finished product to where it has to go. These cupcake were for some leaders who we think are pretty special. Although they're not people in need these leaders take a week of their holidays to care for 380+ kids at a holiday program in our church so we thought they might like to eat some chocolate cupcakes and some yummy vanilla freckle ones too. Caring with cupcakes is a little ministry that our girls can do along with me. There are lots of other opportunites out there, we just have to find them. Is there something you do with your littlies to care for others? I'd love to hear some ideas. While you think, here are the cupcakes.


Leisa said...

What great cakes - clever you!!! What a treasure your little baking off sider is!!

melanie said...

Yum, yum!
On a semi-related baking question... what's your playdough recipe?

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Leisa - If only you still had your bakery, you could use my little baker!! She's very good....at cleaning "patulas"!

Melanie - I'll give you my playdough recipe if you give me your family heirloom shortbread recipe: )!! I'll post the recipe tomorrow. It's an easy one Mel. You can check out the playdough 3 ways blog in the meantime. EJ would LOVE playdough! Great shape sorting on skype the other night.


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