Thursday, July 2, 2009

Spray Bottle Painting

While Miss H is asleep Miss M and I try to cram as much fun into the morning as we possibly can. Miss M has recently enjoyed being creative with construction sets which we've had for a long time (found at "treasure shops"). All of a sudden the opportunities for creativity have become endless. (Thanks to Daddy's early morning block play time) The other day Miss H was having a wonderful sleep so we got out the mega blok construction on the mat, stories and a story chair, playdough play at the table and the best of all.....spray bottle painting.

This is one of the messier activities in my list of arts and crafts but it is so much fun that Miss M had to try it over and over and over. It was hard to get her to put the spray bottles down! Here's how it's done.

Spray bottle painting

You will need....

White easel paper
Spray bottles - we chose to do two colours but you can do more
Powder paint

Mix up the coloured powder paint and water inside the spray bottles - we chose red and yellow.
Put white paper on the easel.
Stand a short distance from the easel (1/2 mtr)
Squirt paint on to the paper and watch the dotty picture form.

It's important to stand back a bit while squirting the paint as the closer you get, the more drippy it gets and you won't see much of a sprayed effect. A fantastic painting will begin to appear.

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